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About Barefoot

Our Stance

We are a family owned and operated business in the state of Maine.  We are the only custom ceramic certified finish applicators in the state.  Our employees have extensive backgrounds in the military, NRA accreditation, art degrees, graphic design degrees and we have a wonderful relationship with a number of the top firearm distributors in the industry.  We are a very versatile group of individuals that have been involved in the firearm world for a number of years. Barefoot is a federal firearms and SOT licensed company that is the top certified Cerakote applicator in the state by NIC Industries.  Our passions for this industry are shown through our work and dedication to preserving the integrity of firearms.  And to bring you some amazing customization for just about anything you can imagine to coat or engrave.   


Our Mission

      Here at Barefoot Custom Coatings you will have your firearms or other items done right the first time. We have a state-of-the-art warehouse and top of the line coating equipment. We often see products that have been coated that will flake, peel or chip because of improper applications.  In order for Cerakote to function properly it needs to be applied correctly, with the correct equipment.  We will guarantee the quality of service against application defects.  Barefoot is not liable for degradation of coating as the result of normal use, wear or accidental damage.  We will guarantee that our coatings will NEVER flake, peel or crack.  In the event should this ever happen, you can bring the items back to us and we will coat them again for no additional charge.   


*Depending on the amount of use on your coated items, Cerakote will eventually wear, but it should NEVER flake, peel or crack.  Cerakote will wear much slower than other coatings.  

     Our mission is to bring enjoyment to the sport of shooting and all other areas of your life you want color and customization.  We also want to bring honor to our country in the service we provide, the products we produce and the manner in which we carry out our mission.  We strive for quality and consistency, every time. 

Know that your project is carefully handled and in good hands, the moment it leaves yours.