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Barefoot Custom Coatings offers various services to better suit your needs. These services include but are not limited to:
  • Custom Holster Manufacturing
  • Cerakote Application
  • Laser Engraving


    Holster Manufacturing

    We think it's important to have a holster that's not only comfortable to wear, but adequately fits your firearm and setup. Whether you're looking to keep things simple with our standard black holsters or you want a holster that better matches your personality, Barefoot has what you're looking for. Each holster is hand crafted by our team of trained individuals to ensure perfect fitment and stringent quality. 

    Barefoot uses only the highest quality Kydex available to ensure our holsters stand the test of time. We currently offer three types of Kydex each with their own benefit.

    • Standard Kydex 
      • Rugged & Durable
      • Waterproof and scratch resistant
      • Comes in a variety of colors
      • Semi-Gloss appearance and textured on the outside.
    • Suede Fabric Wrap Kydex
      • Rugged & Durable
      • Aesthetically engineered
      • Fabric texture overlay on outside
    • Cordura Kydex
      • Tough Nylon Fabric
      • Comes in variety of colors and prints
      • Matte appearance

    We also offer an assortment of holster clips such as: Standard Drop, Tuckable Drop, FOMI Clips, Ultimate Clips, Paddle Loops, Quick Clip and Adjustable Drop.

    Additional hardware can include a Modwing to help prevent printing under light t-shirt wear.


    Cerakote Service

    Barefoot embarked on a mission to set a new standard in the Cerakote industry. Not only do we currently employ two full time Certified Cerakote applicators, we also employ a full time graphic artist. We have experience in the firearm, aerospace and automotive industries. We embrace residential and commercial projects with the same quality and care.